What We Do

We Design and Deliver Extraordinary Live Training

We Design and Deliver Extraordinary Live Training

Accelerate trainers and designers have real world experience. We learned how to manage and train by doing it and refining our technique over time.

We took this experience and became management training experts. At Accelerate, we have logged thousands of hours in training Frontline Managers.

Our background in Human Resources in the Silicon Valley gives us a unique perspective and a cutting edge approach to the development of Frontline Managers.

We Build Apps and Performance Support Tools for Managers

Here is our secret sauce. Accelerate app designers and developers have been there and done that in the business world. We take crucial management interactions and processes and create engaging performance support apps.

Think of our apps as on the job training that makes people more productive as their skills improve.

The key models and concepts of our management trainings become the foundation of our apps. These concepts are forged in the crucilble of the classroom.