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Want a Better Way to Interview Job Candidates? There’s an App for
That: The Interviewer

Easy-to-use iPhone app enables hiring managers to conduct more
successful interviews

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA – October 29, 2009 - Accelerate Mobile Apps, Inc. today announced the release of The Interviewer, an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that makes the process of interviewing job candidates easier and more effective.

"Finding great talent is critical to the success of any organization, and conducting job interviews is the first critical step in identifying the right person for the job," says Gary Edwards, CEO of Accelerate Mobile Apps. "The Interviewer app adds an extra layer of intelligence and insight to the interviewing process, making it a must-have tool for all levels of hiring managers."

The Interviewer offers a simple yet powerful approach to the interview process, breaking it up into three phases: Before the Interview, During the Interview, and After the Interview. The first phase enables users to choose from a list of 18 skills and associated competencies that are unique to a specific job opening. Users can then choose a set of questions that form an interview outline to assist in drawing out specific information and determining if the candidate is the right "fit" for the job.

During the interview, The Interviewer app provides the manager with prompts to dig deeper should the candidate’s answers fail to provide complete information. After the interview, the manager is provided with an assessment tool to evaluate the candidate’s qualifications and compatibility with the job and the organization.

The app also includes a valuable tutorial that coaches users on how to prepare for and conduct an effective interview; how to read behavioral cues; what questions to avoid; and tips on how to make an informed hiring decision. It offers valuable guidance for every level of hiring manager – from VPs and Directors on down.

"Knowing how to conduct a great interview is the key to separating mediocre candidates from outstanding ones," says Gary Edwards. "The Interviewer is the ultimate app for companies that want to improve their interview skills and increase the likelihood of hiring the right person the first time."

Hiring quality talent is an ongoing concern for organizations across every industry, market and geography, and companies have needed a resource like The Interviewer for a very long time. The ubiquity of the iPhone and iPod Touch now make this critical application accessible to companies of all sizes. The Interviewer app is available in the iTunes store for $14.99, and can be found in the Business category.

The Interviewer Demo Video:

Accelerate Mobile Apps, Inc. was created by Accelerate Learning & Development, Inc., a corporate training and development firm that delivers state-of-the art management training to organizations around the world. John Boring and Phil Dixon, two seasoned entrepreneurs who built Accelerate Learning & Development into a consulting powerhouse, founded the company along with Gary Edwards. One of the company’s strengths is helping hiring managers learn how to find and retain the best talent in the industry; building mobile apps to improve this process was a natural next step.

The Interviewer is the first in a series of mobile applications designed by Accelerate Mobile Apps. The company plans to unveil other apps over the next few months that address other critical business needs within organizations. Find out more on the company’s website at:

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