Our Executive Team

John Boring

John Boring

John is the founder and CEO of Accelerate. A Silicon Valley veteran, he is known for designing extraordinarily effective and useful trainings, tools and learning interactions for high-tech companies around the world. He does this by working with clients to discover “the one question that needs to be answered – the one problem that needs to be solved.” He uses his understanding of how people learn best to develop and test multiple concepts and create targeted solutions.

He recently lead the development of Managing@Zain, a comprehensive custom management training program for an international telecom company, that was deployed across the firm’s operation in the Middle East and Africa.

John has lived and/or worked in over 25 countries, which helps to create a global approach to Acclerate’s business. He facilitates groups of all sizes and conducts individual executive coaching as well. John is also a highly experienced organization development executive known for his expertise not only in Team/Organization Development and Change Management, but also in building corporate training functions. John founded Accelerate in 2004 with the aim of providing all the out­sourced services of a corporate university to our clients.

He was hired by Netscape to establish HR in Engineering and build the initial Product Development team. He also has held senior positions at Atari Games, Portal Software and Apple/Apple University. His client list includes all of his employers as well as Chevron, AT&T, Silicon Graphics, HP, Yahoo! and Facebook, to name a few.

Carol Malady

As Accelerate's head of Product Development, Carol calls upon a diverse set of entrepreneurial and leadership skills to drive our growing suite of mobile learning products. It's Carol's job to effectively describe and promote our products and services through our website and other communications programs, as well as ensure the design and production quality of all our training materials.

Before joining Accelerate, she launched a profitable graphic design services company specializing in corporate training materials, whose clients included a roll call of high profile Silicon Valley companies. Carol combines her expertise in artistry and technology to design and develop Accelerate's exapanding array of learning products.

Phil Quigley

Phil honed his Talent Management, Sales and Marketing skills in the explosive emerging Asian markets of Hong Kong, Korea, China, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan and India, where he spent half of his 14 year career with Yahoo!. As Head, Learning and Development in Bangalore, his highly successful Emerging Leaders program not only attracted top performers in a brutally competitive labor marketplace, but prepared them for a host of high visibility global assignments at Yahoo! and elsewhere. Phil cut his entrepreneurial teeth as Vice President Sales for Axlon, a startup toy venture comprised of veteran Atari engineers and marketers.