At Accelerate, we are Committed to the Development of the Frontline Manager

At Accelerate, we are Committed to the Development of the Frontline Manager

At Accelerate we are committed to developing leadership skills in Frontline Managers. We do this most successfully in support of the implementation of initiatives like Employee Engagement, Hiring, Retention, Change, and Performance Management.

After delivering management trainings around the world and listening to the needs of Human Resource and Training Managers, we have learned that the basic skills of managing people still need to be taught and that going to a Management 101 class is no more appealing today than in the past.

We also learned that training dollars and budgets are hard to come by unless they are tied to implementing an organizational need. Both Training Managers and Frontline Managers agree that any training has to be fast, focused and relevant.

Today’s Frontline Managers very much appreciate being taught these skills and expect to be given tools to support implementation that utilize current technologies in innovative and appropriate ways.

We welcome you in our quest for meaningful training that fits the needs of tomorrow’s leaders today.

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What Our Clients Say

The Accelerate team has played a key role in successfully guiding our company through times of both economic growth and challenge. They have demonstrated a unique ability to tailor creative team building exercises to our specific office culture, resulting in enhanced workplace satisfaction and productivity. On a personal level, Accelerate’s approach to executive coaching has sharpened my own leadership skills and vision for the future of this company.

Graham Marriot - President - Cartifact Inc.

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Mobile Apps For Managers

Mobile Apps For Managers

We develop each mobile app to deliver practical business knowledge and tools that help you manage and engage with people more effectively. We do this by extracting the most essential and relevant lessons from our vast array of corporate learning and organizational development content, and then fusing that with an easy-to-use interface and functionality that provides a compelling, productive tool for managers. We can design mobile apps to operate on any mobile platform, web browser or computer operating system, customized to integrate your company content and unique processes, or configured to address the specific needs of your organization. As mobile apps are accessible anytime, anywhere by any or all of your managers or employees, the power to learn and be productive is in their hands whenever they want it, wherever they are. Ask us about our training programs that include corresponding apps to support the learning, methods and tools presented in the programs. Accelerate Mobile Apps—working knowledge delivered.

App Reviews

A Real Tool
by defjam - Version 1.0 - Nov. 9th, 2009

The Interviewer is a great business tool for anyone that is asked to do interviews. It comes preconfigured with topics and associated questions that I assume are proven in the industry but t also allows you to customize questions that would be specific to the position you need to fill. the first time I got to use it was when I was asked to interview an applicant at the last second. I was concerned at first but then I remembered that I had The Interviewer app. Because of its ease of use, I was able to quickly create an interview and participate in the interviewing process. While others were jumbling papers, I was calmly holding my iPhone. It has an assessment feature that allows you to rate candidates. it also has a tutorial on interviewing that I think most people will find useful.

Retired Chief of HR for large international telecom company
by Retired CHRO - Version 1.0 - Dec. 9th, 2009

Great Product! Interviewing for selection is perhaps the most important job leaders perform. Too often leaders are unprepared and lack a framework for conducting insightful interviews. I like how this product assists in establishing clear job related criteria. I also liked the idea of being able to share interview questions and evaluation with colleagues using email. This helps in comparing others’ findings and conclusions. This is a product that anyone who is involved in interviewing should have.

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