Live Training For Frontline Managers

Live Training For Frontline Managers

At Accelerate we are committed to developing Frontline Managers to maximize their value to the company. Better quality of management means greater employee engagement.

Soft skills and team dynamics require interaction and practice that can only be learned in the classroom. Today's Frontline Managers appreciate being taught these skills. They also expect to be given tools that leverage evolving technologies to get the job done right.

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Download Graphic - How Do You Want Your Management Training?

Download Graphic - Improve Working With Your Peers

Improve Working With Your Peers

Download Graphic - Managing Your Manager

Managing Your Manager

Download Graphic - Getting the Best from Other People

Getting the Best from Other People

Download Graphic - Improve Your Delegation

Improve Your Delegation

Download Graphic - Behavioral Interviewing

Behavioral Interviewing


Sexual Harassment Training

Harassment Free Culture is an interactive online training that was created in collaboration with Senior Managers, HR Executives and Attorneys from a cross section of Fortune 500 Companies.

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What Our Clients Say

The Accelerate team has played a key role in successfully guiding our company through times of both economic growth and challenge. They have demonstrated a unique ability to tailor creative team building exercises to our specific office culture, resulting in enhanced workplace satisfaction and productivity. On a personal level, Accelerate’s approach to executive coaching has sharpened my own leadership skills and vision for the future of this company.

Graham Marriot - President - Cartifact Inc.

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Trust Your Hiring Instincts, Verify With Talentron

Interview Management System to Improve Quality of Hire

Many hiring teams are just winging it. Talentron improves the hiring process with instant behavioral interview questions, real-time candidate assessments and consensus-based decision tools that ensure intelligent hiring choices.

Talentron develops the skills of both hiring managers and veteran executives with just-in-time training, decision support, and a rule bases assessment process that results in better and faster hires.

Financial benefits result from reduced training costs, saved recruiter's time, lower cost per hire, faster hires, and improved quality of hire.

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App Reviews

"This is damn cool!"

Grant Basset, Vice President of Global Talent, Workday

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